Media Mentions

Sandip Sukhtankar

Sandip Sukhtankar was recently interviewed for the BBC. The interview is 25 minutes in on this page. This is the paper which relates to the interview.

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson’s papers "Fragmentation and Trade in Value Added over Four Decades" (NBER Working Paper 18186) and "Proximity and Production Fragmentation" (AEA Papers & Proceedings, 2012) were featured in the Economist Magazine's Free Exchange column on August 4, 2012.

David Blanchflower

David Blanchflower’s paper “Does high Home-Ownership Impair the Labor Market?” (with Andrew J. Oswald), was featured in the New York Times.

Jonathan Skinner & Christopher Snyder

Doug Staiger

Doug Staiger’s work with the Measures of Effective Teaching project (, with Thomas Kane and others) was featured in The Dartmouth.

Steve Venti

Steve Venti’s paper “Were They Prepared for Retirement? Financial Status at Advanced Ages in the HRS and Ahead Cohorts,” (with James Poterba and David Wise, NBER working paper #17824) was featured in the Wall Street Journal.