Joshua R. Schwartzstein

Assistant Professor of Economics

Curriculum Vitae Personal Website
B.A. Cornell University
Ph.D. Harvard University

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Selected Publications

"Selective Attention and Learning," Journal of the European Economic Association, Forthcoming

"Learning Through Noticing: Theory and Evidence From a Field Experiment" (with R. Hanna and S. Mullainathan), 2014, 129(3): 1311-1353 

"An Activity-Generating Theory of Regulation" (with A. Shleifer),   Journal of Law and Economics, 2013, 56(1): 1-38

"A Reduced-Form Approach to Behavioral Public Finance" (with S. Mullainathan and W. Congdon),   Annual Review of Economics, 2012, 4: 511-540

"Coarse Thinking and Persuasion" (with S. Mullainathan and A. Shleifer),   Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2008, 123(2): 577-619



Works in Progress

"Behavioral Hazard in Health Insurance" (with K. Baicker and S. Mullainathan)

"A Model of Relative Thinking" (with B. Bushong and M. Rabin)