Robin C. Lull

Senior I.T. Support Consultant

The following are excerpts from my life's mission statement: In my work, musical endeavors, play, and with every remaining breath, I want to spend the rest of my days touching hearts minds and souls to make whatever positive differences in my part of the world, to make friends while doing it, and to thank those musicians and folks that I feel are on the same page, and who have touched my heart along the way. Hopefully, if I do it correctly, you may be able to tell, by listening to my music and by how I treat others. This will fulfill my promise to the maker. Also, I try and reveal what needs to be worked on, in hopes of making things better than I found them- even if it means taking a few hits along the way. A path never intended to be easy, but one worth traveling...  I owe it to my awesome Senseis who inspired me right from the start. I want others to miss me when I am gone. I wish for my legacy to simply be -HEART... Yes indeed, "the goal is soul" as Bono from the band- U2 sings... and MLK's dream is truly mine. There's only one way to get there people- Show the heart, think Arete', and strive to be your very best... Blessings, and mahalo~

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