Ryan B. Edwards

Research Associate

My current research is focused on tropical forest fires and deforestation, local government incentives and effectiveness, and the linkages between global agricultural value chains and local welfare, urbanization, and structural change in developing countries. My prior appointment was a postdoctoral research fellowship at Stanford University and I worked in the public and international development sectors before that. 

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650 686 8714
304A Silsby
HB 6106
Ph.D., Australian National University
MDevEc, University of Queensland
BEcon/BBusMan, University of Queensland

Selected Publications

Mining away the Preston curve, World Development, January 2016.

The Oil Palm Complex (review), Journal of Southeast Asian Economies, August 2017. 

Works in Progress

Extensive agricultural growth, local labor markets, and structural change (expanded version of "tropical oil crops and rural poverty", coming very soon!)

Tropical oil crops and rural poverty

An experiment to curtail fires on Sumatra and Kalimantan, with Wally Falcon, Paul Heytens, Roz Naylor (Center on Food Security and the Environment), and Sudarno Sumarto (​the National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction)

Understanding tropical forest fires: climate, politics, and the local economy, with Wally Falcon, Matt Higgins, and Roz Naylor.

Unintended consequences of introducing electoral competition, with Yusaku Horiuchi and Daniel Suryadarma.