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The Council of Economic Advisers is Recruiting Staff Economists and Research Assistants

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The D. E. Shaw group is currently hiring for full-time and intern positions, and we’re now accepting applications. All of our open positions are listed on our website, where you can learn more about who we are and what we do. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Valerie Valtz
Head of Campus Recruiting
The D. E. Shaw group

Job Opportunities for Research Assistants at the Federal Reserve Board

Attn '16 Grads

The Federal Reserve Board is hiring Research Assistants during the Fall recruiting season, October-November, and the Spring recruiting season, February-March for positions that begin in the summer. We appreciate your referral of interested and qualified students. 

Each year, the Board hires approximately 60 recent graduates in economics, math, or related fields as RAs. These positions are highly competitive and very quantitative in nature. While at the Board, RAs work closely with economists and analysts on a broad range of topics covering real-world policy issues and academic-type research. After their time at the Board, many of our RAs move on to top graduate school programs.

 To be considered for these positions, candidates must submit application materials by September 30 for the Fall recruiting season and by January 31 for the Spring recruiting season. Complete application instructions are available at


Opportunities with NYFED See information file here: nyfed_rabrochure.pdf

Research Analysts play an integral role in both the policy and research functions of the Research and Statistics Group.  Our economists, whose specialties include banking and payment systems, capital markets, international economics, macroeconomics, and microeconomics, work closely with Research Analysts.  Upon leaving the Fed, Research Analysts choose to pursue either graduate school, and are consistently accepted by top programs, or a wide variety of public and private sector opportunities. In recent years, our RAs have gone on to pursue PhDs in Economics or Finance at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, and Wharton, among others.  Aside from economics, previous RAs have also gone to law and public policy programs at Harvard Kennedy School, Princeton, Yale, and others.

We seek candidates who have records of superior scholarship and academic curiosity.  Research Analysts usually come from strong economics, policy, mathematics, or computer science backgrounds, though a major in one of these fields is not a necessity.  Successful candidates often have previous research experience, and many are considering careers in economic research, public policy, or other related fields.

In addition, we seek candidates from a wide range of backgrounds that are typically underrepresented in economics.  It is important to us that we succeed in recruiting a diverse cohort of research analysts each year. Thus we encourage many students with varying experiences and backgrounds to apply. As a representative of your institution and student body, we ask that you please help us in passing this message along to any candidates you may know who may be otherwise hesitant to apply.

Attached to this email, you will also find a brochure with further details about the Research Analyst position. Applications are being accepted now until October 15 at

The Research Analyst position is an unparalleled opportunity to work with a world-class research and policy team.  We would greatly appreciate your encouragement of bright and interested students to apply. Note: Information about citizenship and eligibility requirements are provided in the job posting at

Attn '16 Grads

As you begin exploring options for life after graduation, Cornerstone Research invites you to explore the Analyst experience at Cornerstone Research. Please submit your application through the Career Center website. Our resume drop will close on September 27th at 11:59 p.m.