Congratulations 2016 Outstanding Economics Majors!

Four of the eight Valedictorians:

(Michael Dettmer ’16, Robert Klingenberger ’16, Ke Li ’16 and Robert Scales ’16)


Three of the six Salutatorians:

(Claire Beskin ’16, Michael Blank ’16 and Alexander Liao ’16)


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Four students (Katie Trinh ‘16, Michael Rhys ‘16, Robert Klingenberger ‘16 and Michael Blank ‘16) graduated with High Honors

Three students (Xiongfei Zhang ‘16, Brian Masterson ‘16 and Katherine Wang ‘16) graduated with Honors


The Economics Department has several awards/prizes.  This year’s winners are:

Katie Trinh ‘16 received the Lewis H. Haney Prize in Economics 

(This award is given for the best thesis in Economics by a graduating senior)


Robert Klingenberger ‘16 and Michael Blank ‘16 received the Nelson A. Rockefeller Prize in Economics

(This award is given for the best over-all performance in the Economics Major by a graduating senior)


Michael Dettmer ‘16, Ke Li ‘16, Brian Masterson ‘16, Robert  Scales ‘16, Kathleen Tomlinson ‘16, Alexander Liao ‘16, Robert Klingenberger ‘16, Michael Blank ‘16 and Charles Rafkin ‘16 received the Economics Department Outstanding Achievement Award

(This award is given to graduating seniors who have been outstanding in their Economics Major)



Aaron Goodman ‘15, received the Jonathan B. Rintels Prize for the best honors thesis in the Social Sciences for the Class of 2015 

(This award is given to a graduating senior from the previous year for the best honors thesis in all of the Social Sciences)