Eric Edmonds

Eric V. Edmonds

Research Interests: Child labor, education, development, demography

Courses Taught: Development Economics (Economics 24), Topics in Development Economics (Economics 44)

Office: 308 Rockefeller Hall

Research Spotlight

“You Get What You Pay For: Transitory Effects of Transitory Schooling Support in a Population Vulnerable to Child Labor” (with M. Shrestha), draft, Oct. 2012.

Background: In 2001, the Child Labor Education Initiative prioritized the promotion of education to combat child labor. Projects include paying school fees or providing living support. However, the US government constrains duration to a maximum of five years, so any support is necessarily short-lived. This study seeks to address two issues: comparing the impact of scholarship and stipend programs in encouraging school enrollment and determining whether transitory monetary transfers persist beyond the period of assistance.