Patricia Anderson

Patricia M. Anderson

Research Interests: Economics of obesity, social insurance, labor markets

Courses Taught: The Price Systems (Economics 01), Econometrics (Economics 20), Labor Economics (Economics 27)

Office: 316 Rockefeller Hall

Research Spotlight

“Is Being in School Better? The Impact of School on Children’s BMI When Starting Age is Endogenous” (with Kristin Butcher, Elizabeth Cascio and Diane Schanzenbach) Journal of Health Economics, Sept. 2011,  vol. 30, no.5, pp. 977 - 986.

Background: Concerns about childhood obesity have spurred debate about school policies, particularly those that make junk food available to students. However, many studies do not address whether attending school per se is deleterious for one’s health. This paper investigates the impact of being in school versus not being in school on body weight and obesity.