DERS Program

The DERS program was established by the Economics Department at Dartmouth in 2013 with the goal of providing additional mentoring and support in economics research to students with strong research potential and high academic standing.  Additional advising and out-of-class enrichment activities - dinner discussions, workshops, and peer exchanges - accelerate and enhance the DERS' coursework and enable closer participation with faculty on research projects.  Such participation begins with paid assistantships on faculty projects, but often evolves into research collaborations with faculty and independent student projects, including senior theses. The program also aims to prepare interested students for graduate studies in economics and related fields.

Applications from current sophomores will be solicited and considered in January of each calendar year.  Interested juniors and seniors should contact DERS Director, Professor Cascio.

Application for the class of 2021 is open now, please be sure to submit it by is 8 PM ON JANUARY 31, 2018.

Class of 2020 Research Scholars

     Sam Barrett
     Morgan Baylor
     Albert Chen
     Amy Guan
     Yifan He
     Elizaveta Maslak
     Victoria Meyer
     Brandon Nye
     Scott Okuno
     Jeffrey Qiao
     Gunnar Smith
     Samuel Wilson
     Michelle Wu
     Michelle Yao
     Srihari Yenamandra
     Xinchen Zhao

Class of 2019 Research Scholars

    John Fitz Henley (President)
    Xinyi Zhang (Vice President)
    Muhammad Ahsan
    Peter Choi
    Brian Curran
    John Davidson
    Christine Dong
    Hanting Guo
    Matthew Hayes
    Isabel Hurley
    William Jennings
    Yihang Liu
    Alex Magnson
    Brian McGartoll
    Siyuan Qin
    Amanda Sload
    Briana Tang
    Carolyn Zhou

Class of 2018 Research Scholars

    Dustin D. Sheehan (President)
    Hung D. Nguyen (Vice President)
    Roshni Chandwani
    John B. Glance
    Nicole D. Graham
    Helen M. Gu
    Elena N. Horton
    Kooshul S. Jhaveri
    Jonah H. Kelly
    Akhila J. Kovvuri
    Itai Taubenfeld
    Joshua A. Ufland