David Graham Blanchflower

Professor of Economics
Bruce V. Rauner 1978 Professorship

Curriculum Vitae
6106 Rockefeller
B.A. University of Leicester
Postgraduate Certificate in Education, University of Birmingham
M.Sc. University of Wales
Ph.D. University of London (Queen Mary College)

Selected Publications

With Andrew Oswald and Sarah Stewart-Brown, 'The association between mental health and fruit-and-vegetable consumption: cross-sectional evidence for England', under revision Journal of Public Health. (2011)

'The wellbeing of the young', commissioned by the British Journal of Industrial Relations (under revision). (2011)

With David Bell, ‘The crisis, policy reactions and attitudes to globalization and jobs’, forthcoming in Making Globalization Socially Sustainable, ILO/WTO. (2011)

With David Bell, 'Youth unemployment in Europe and the United States', Nordic Economic Policy Review (forthcoming). (2011)

'Young people and recession. A lost generation?', commissioned by Oxford Review of Economic Policy.  (2011)

With David Bell, Underemployment in the UK in the Great Recession', National Institute Economic Review, 215, January, pp. R1-R11. (2011)

With Andrew Oswald, 'International happiness: a new view on the measure of performance', Academy of Management Perspectives, February, pp. 1-17. (2011)

With Andrew Oswald, 'International happiness’, NBER Working Paper #16668, January. (2011)

'Evidence to the UK Treasury Select Committee on the 2010 Budget', July 2010

With David Bell, 'UK Unemployment in the Great Recession', National Institute Economic Review, 214, October 2010, pp. R3-R25.  (2010)

Andrew Oswald, 'Hypertension and happiness across regions', under revision at the Journal of Health Economics.  (2010)

With Andrew Oswald and Nick Christakis, 'Biomarkers, well‐being, and income', 2010.

'With David Bell, 'Recession and unemployment in the OECD', CESifo Forum, Issue 1, March 2010.

With Alex Bryson, 'The wage impact of trade unions in the UK public and private sectors', Economica, Vol. 77 Issue: 305, pp. 92-109, January, 2010.

With David Bell. 'Youth unemployment: déjà vu?', IZA DP #4705, January, 2010.

With Richard Hern and Svetlana Shcherbakova, 'Area Cost Adjustment: A response to the DCLG’s recent consultations. A report for West Sussex County Council', NERA, London, January, 2010.

'Happiness and health care coverage', IZA DP # 4450, September, under revision at the Journal of Happiness Studies. (2009)

With David Bell, 'What should be done about rising unemployment in the OECD?' IZA DP #4445, September. 2009

‘Report on the City of Chicago's MWBE Program’, A report for the City of Chicago, July. 2009

‘The consequences for communities of rising unemployment’ Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, Autumn, 2009.

‘The unemployment problem’, Reform Journal, Autumn, 2009, p.8.

http://www.reform.co.uk/Research/ResearchArticles/tabid/82/smid/378/Arti... /reftab/56/t/Reform%20Journal%202009/Default.aspx


With Conall Mac Coille, 'The formation of inflation expectations: an empirical analysis for the UK', paper presented at Banco do Brasil X1 Annual Inflation Targeting Seminar, Rio de Janeiro, May 2009.

With Andrew Oswald, 'The U-Shape without controls: a response to Glenn', Social Science and Medicine, vol. 69, pp. 486–488. 2009

'Minority self-employment in the United States and the impact of affirmative action programs', Annals of Finance, 5:3-4, pp. 361-396. 2009

With Andrew J. Oswald and Bert Van Landeghem, 'Imitative obesity and relative utility', Journal of the European Economic Association, 7:2/3, April, pp. 528-538. 2009




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Works in Progress

“Regional Pay Scales”

“Regional Wages and the Need for a Better Area Cost Adjustment”

“On Leigh-Wolfers and Wellbeing in Australia”