Eric W. Zitzewitz

Professor of Economics

My areas of expertise include industrial organization and agency issues, particularly in financial and informational industries, and prediction markets. The financial services industry and market-based forecasting are among my current research interests.

Curriculum Vitae
(603) 646-2891
HB 6106
A.B. Harvard University
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Selected Publications

When Should Firms Share Credit with Employees?  Evidence from Anonymously Managed Mutual Funds (with Massimo Massa and Jonathan Reuter), Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming

An Eliot Effect?  Prosecutorial Discretion in Mutual Fund Settlement Negotiations, 2003-7, BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (Contributions), 2009(1)

Using Markets to Inform Policy:  the Case of the Iraq War (with Justin Wolfers), Economica, April 2009

The Promise of Prediction Markets, Science, May 16, 2008 (joint with 18 co-authors)

Party Influence in Congress and the Economy, Quarterly Journal of Political Science, August 2007 (with Erik Snowberg and Justin Wolfers)

Partisan Impacts on the Economy:  Evidence from Prediction Markets and Close Elections, Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 2007 (with Erik Snowberg and Justin Wolfers)

Do Ads Influence Editors?  Advertising and Bias in the Financial Media, Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 2006 (with Jonathan Reuter)

How Widespread was Late Trading in Mutual Funds? American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings, May 2006 (link is to longer version referenced in the P&P)

Nationalism in Winter Sports Judging and its Lessons for Organizational Decision Making, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Winter 2006

Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of School Inputs:  the Case of Flip Charts in Kenya, Journal of Development Economics, June 2004 (with Paul Glewwe, Michael Kremer, and Sylvie Moulin)

Prediction Markets, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2004 (with Justin Wolfers)

Who Cares About Shareholders?  Arbitrage-proofing Mutual Funds, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, October 2003

Competition and Productivity in the U.S. and UK Tobacco Industry, 1879-1939, Journal of Industrial Economics, March 2003

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Works in Progress

Does Transparency Increase or Decrease Corruption?  Evidence from the “Reform” of Figure Skating Judging

Wintertime for Deceptive Advertising? (with Jonathan Zinman).

Forensic Economics (in preparation for the Journal of Economic Literature)