Theo Wilson '17

Theo provided the following answers to our questions about his time at Dartmouth and what he's doing now:

Tell us about an activity you loved at Dartmouth.

I loved heading out to Merrimack to paintball w/ random folks I met in Collis!

What was your first job after Dartmouth?

The Capital Group Companies: TAP Associate.

What are you doing now?

I'm an Associate, Quantitative Research Analytics. I work on Factor-based investment models that are used to help our Portfolio Managers think about their portfolio construction and help management committee think about which grouping of PMs would be best for a fund, and for market downturn analysis.

Are there unexpected ways that your economics education has been useful in your life/job?

I did my senior seminar with Professor Eric Zitzewitz, and this has made for great conversations and introductions. Turns out a paper he published in 2002, led to $bns in fund inflows so his name has come up a few times.

Any words of wisdom for current first-year student interested to major in Economics?

Take a professor to lunch! There is so much you can learn from your professors beyond what's taught in the classroom, or what you gain in office hours. Request a voucher form the Dean's office every term.

Theo offers to help with questions that any first generation undergraduate might have. You can reach him through gmail at "theowil9317".