Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange at Keble College

Oxford Student Exchange Program

Oxford University: Oxford, United Kingdom

Each fall, winter, and spring, a maximum of four Dartmouth students can attend Keble College of Oxford University in an exchange that primarily serves Government and Economics majors. As fully-integrated members of the Oxford community, students take pre-approved courses in the British tutorial system that count toward their major. The experience offers Dartmouth students the opportunity to live in Oxford dorms and to have complete access to libraries, sports, facilities, and lectures.

Learn more about the Oxford Exchange Program.

Course Approval

See the latest Keble guide for the list of courses you can take on the exchange and their Dartmouth equivalents.  The registrar will handle credits and grades in the same manner it treats other transfer/exchange credits.

As with all exchange programs, students accepted into the Dartmouth-Oxford exchange should fill out the registrar's form requesting pre-approval of courses and send it to the Registrar before leaving on exchange.  (The signature of the Vice Chair is not required on the Registrar's form for this program.)

For any additional information about the program, please contact the Economics Vice Chair.