Study Abroad

International Economics is a major focus of our research and teaching, and we encourage our students to study abroad to gain a better understanding of the topics we cover at Dartmouth.

Economics 70: Immersion Experience in Applied Economics and Policy

In Economics 70 students study a specific topic in applied economics or policy, first in the classroom and then, after the end of the exam period, in a two-week immersion experience off-campus. Specific topics and destinations for the off-campus component vary by year and the section taught. Enrollment is by application to the professor teaching the course. Prior sections included: Professor Curtis with The Transition of Poland to a Market Economy, Professor Comin with Human Development in Peru and China: The Country, The Companies and the People, Professor Irwin with Economic Policy and Reform in Argentina and Chile, Professor Sacerdote with Frauds, Panics, Crashes, and Bank Runs.

Paganucci Fellows Program

Tuck offers a global experiential learning program for Dartmouth students who have an interest in business approaches to societal issues. The program includes a paid summer internship with international travel for work on a social impact consulting project. See:

In the past, many of the most effective fellows have been economics majors/minors referred by faculty.

The Paganucci Fellows Program is a unique opportunity for Dartmouth undergraduates to take part in a global experiential learning program offered at Tuck.

The program supports Tuck's efforts to study complex social issues and the ways businesses can create positive social and financial value: in effect, the "double bottom line." It is targeted at students with an interest in social entrepreneurship, an aptitude for working collaboratively as part of a consulting-like team, and an appetite for making a difference in the world.

Undergraduate Student Exchange Program

Bocconi University: Milan, Italy

When Dartmouth students spend a term at Bocconi University, they improve their understanding of the topics taught in Dartmouth Economics and benefit from the experience of a small, urban university in a country with a social and economic system much different from their own.

Dartmouth students become fully affiliated members of Bocconi University with complete access to libraries, lectures, seminars and other facilities. Similarly, Bocconi students coming to Dartmouth will experience an environment much different from their own institution and will have complete access to Dartmouth facilities. Both institutions benefit from the exchange’s cross-fertilization process.

Learn more about the Bocconi Exchange Program.

Oxford Student Exchange Program

Oxford University: Oxford, United Kingdom

Each fall, winter, and spring, a maximum of four Dartmouth students can attend Keble College of Oxford University in an exchange that primarily serves Government and Economics majors. As fully-integrated members of the Oxford community, students take pre-approved courses in the British tutorial system that count toward their major. The experience offers Dartmouth students the opportunity to live in Oxford dorms and to have complete access to libraries, sports, facilities, and lectures.

Learn more about the Oxford Exchange Program.

Study Abroad at UCL: Economics

University College London Exchange

From the UCL website:

Welcome to London! As a Study Abroad student at UCL you have access to an extensive and flexible range of subject options. Whether you are looking to focus solely on your major area of academic study, explore a more interdisciplinary route or experience something completely new, UCL can support you.

Taught by highly qualified staff, whose research informs policy advice to international governments and agencies, such as the United Nations and the World Bank, you will be welcomed to a friendly department alongside full degree students, where you can get involved with activities organized by students of the Economist's Society. Guidance is on offer from a dedicated administration team.