Congratulations Class of 2020!

We are incredibly proud of the accomplishments of our 2020 Graduating Class!

Video Message to Graduates


Brandon Nye and Scott Okuno Named Valedictorians by the College


Brandon Nye '20

Hometown: South Barrington, Ill.
Major: Economics
What's next: I will be working for Bridgewater Associates before applying to law school.

Throughout my time at Dartmouth, my classes were enriching and my professors inspiring. Dartmouth also afforded me valuable opportunities to expand my learning beyond the classroom. After learning the skills necessary for empirical research, I was able to apply these methods to study the public policy of Medicaid expansion both as an assistant to TDI Professor Ellen Meara, and on my own in my Econ 80 proj

My public policy classes in the Rockefeller Center, the government department, and the geography department complemented my economics education by providing context for the statistics and models I was developing. I then had the exciting experience of bringing it all together to help Vermont policymakers answer local governance questions in the Class of 1964 Policy Research Shop. Through opportunities for both empirical and socio-political engagement, Dartmouth has prepared me to take on important societal challenges.

Scott Okuno '20

Hometown: Glenview, Ill.
Major: Mathematics and Economics double major
What's Next: I will work as an analyst at MGG Investment Group in New York.

I came to Dartmouth knowing I wanted to study economics, and my course work in the subject helped me settle on starting a career in finance after graduation. My freshman year I decided to take a few math classes, as well, which led me to discover math as a second academic passion. The two subjects are great compliments, and both helped me become a better thinker and problem solver. Beyond the classroom, I've had great experiences at Dartmouth, such as with my involvement in Model UN. MUN was a big part of my high school experience, and having the opportunity to organize DartMUN, Dartmouth's MUN conference for high schoolers, was extremely rewarding in that I was able to help sustain an activity that means a lot to me.

Sam Wilson '20 Named Salutatorian by the College

Hometown: Madison, Conn.
Major: Economics, with a minor in Mathematics
Post-graduate plans: I will be Joining Belvedere Trading in Chicago.

Before coming to Dartmouth, I was not entirely sure what I wanted to study. However, during my first few terms on campus, I took some classes in the economics and mathematics departments, and I quickly realized that this was the path I wanted to pursue. I really enjoyed the analytical, problem-oriented style of these courses. In these classes, the ability to interact with and learn from the faculty face-to-face, most of whom are leaders in their fields, truly made my learning experience at Dartmouth special.

Also, I was lucky enough to complete an exchange term in Italy during my junior year. Through my experiences these past four years, Dartmouth has allowed me to find and pursue my passions, while also helping me develop as a person and a life-long learner.

Lewis H. Haney Prize Awarded to Three Graduates

The Lewis H. Haney Prize is awarded to the student who completes an outstanding Honors Thesis. This year three students completed outstanding theses:

Albert A. Chen

Thesis: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?: The Role of Option Value in Trade Shock Adjustment.” (Advisor Treb Allen)

I chose my thesis topic because I was curious about what makes certain regions’ economies more resilient than others. Throughout the thesis writing process, I learned the importance of looking at difficult problems from different angles.

Yifan He

Thesis: “The Next Big Trade Deal: The Impact of ASEAN-China Free Trade Area on Global and Regional Trade Flows, 1994-2018.” (Advisor Nina Pavcnik)

I first wanted to learn more about international trade following the 2016 presidential election, especially on the US-China trade issues. For China, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is particularly important both strategically and regionally; ASEAN has become one of China’s largest trade partners.

Following my internship at the International Trade Administration in Singapore (20W), I was able to incorporate my findings in my final draft. Throughout the thesis process, I was able to explore different empirical aspects of trade, beyond what is often reported in the news — and I find this to be extremely rewarding.

Nitya L. Thakore


Nelson A. Rockefeller Prize Awarded to Two Graduates

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Prize is awarded to the best performing Economics Major. This year, two students qualified for the prize:

Albert A. Chen

Nitya L. Thakore