Fed Challenge Students Hard at Work

Every fall a new group of students take Dartmouth's "Fed Challenge" class (Economics 78) and then compete at the Boston District College Fed Challenge Competition.

According to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors,

The College Fed Challenge is intended to promote:

  • Greater understanding of the Federal Reserve’s role in developing and implementing monetary policy,
  • Greater interest in economics and finance as a subject for advanced study and as a basis for a career,
  • Research, presentation, critical thinking and cooperation skills, and
  • A closer relationship between the colleges and the Fed’s district banks.

Our team is hard at work, in this crazy time and in this remote learning setting, and we hope you will consider attending one of our Zoom practice sessions. Practice sessions will start and end promptly, consisting of a timed 15 minute presentation and then a timed 15 minute audience Q and A, to simulate the actual competition where economics faculty and Federal Reserve research economists will serve as competition judges.  You are welcome to ask questions at this time or just to come sit and listen, as having an audience of any kind is an important part of their preparation for competition.

Please contact Professor Elisabeth Curtis for the Zoom invite.