Sadie Alexander Association Inaugural Meeting April 8th

A team of Black econ majors is launching a new student organization, the Sadie Alexander Association. Laura Francisco '22, Mothibi (Tibi) Penn-Kekana '22, Jenique Richards '22, and Tinotenda (Tino) Kuretu '22 have formed the SAA to encourage Black students and other underrepresented minorities to explore the field of economics, take economics courses, and pursue a degree in economics.

Inspired by the legacy of Sadie Alexander, who was the first black woman to receive a Ph.D. in Economics, the Association hopes to correct the widespread perception that studying economics is disproportionately difficult for black, minority, and FGLI students. Their belief is that understanding and engaging in economic policies is crucial for everyone.

With the support and encouragement of the diversity committee of the Department of Economics, SAA will provide a place for Black students and other minorities to find support while navigating the field of Economics. SAA will help students make connections with peers, faculty, graduate students, and alumni.

The inaugural meeting of the Sadie Alexander Association is on Thursday, April 8th at 7pm on Zoom (ID: 914 9053 0525, Passcode: 134313).

Sadie Alexander earned her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1921. Research by Julianne Malveaux and Nina Banks has uncovered the importance of Alexander's work and its resonance with today's problems. Prof. Bank's book on Sadie Alexander is forthcoming at Yale University Press, 100 years after Dr. Alexander received her Ph.D. in Economics. She gave this presentation about Sadie Alexander at the recent conference.