ECON 3 - New Offering for Math requirement

Currently in MATH 1 and interested in Economics? ECON 3 is a new alternative to MATH 3!

  • ECON 3 will satisfy the MATH 3 prerequisite for the Economics major, the Economics minor and the Economics modified major, but will not substitute for MATH 3 in any other department.
  • ECON 3 covers many of the same basic calculus topics as MATH 3, but with the focus on developing an understanding of the mathematical structure of economics.
  • ECON 3 will use a balance of calculus material and economic applications to solidify your understanding of the important relationship between mathematics and economic analysis and to set you up for success in economics.
  • ECON 3 will use techniques from calculus to study important economic topics such as consumer demand, labor productivity and income distributions. 
  • ECON 3 will introduce key statistical measures, such as expected value and variance, necessary for understanding data applications of economics.

ECON 3 Course Requirements:

Participation and attendance: Students are expected to attend all class meetings and to be prepared by looking at Canvas and the readings in advance and to participate in discussions. Excellent attendance will be reflected in the participation grade.

Exercises/Economic Applications: Short exercises will be assigned that are designed to apply key mathematical skills to economic questions and will typically include some computational work using Excel. The final products will be short papers using precise technical writing to report the results.

Problem sets: Practice problems will be assigned, with detailed answers provided and reviewed in class (and in office hours if there are further questions).

Exams: There will be three quizzes and a comprehensive final exam. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped.

Full course description here.