Report from ECON70 2021 Immersion Class Trip to Chile

We had an incredible 2-week trip to Chile--we just arrived back home December 9th.   It was a wonderful group of students--fun, mature, serious about the work, and grateful for the opportunity to travel and study with their Dartmouth faculty and classmates. We all managed to navigate the complex Covid regulations.  It was very intense workwise for all of us, with interesting meetings with two former ministers of finance for Chile and the former president of the central bank of Argentina. The student research teams managed to arrange numerous meetings on their own with businesspeople, government officials and academics--both in person in Chile and via zoom in Argentina. The new travel company we used (The Austral Group), and our Chilean program director, were fantastic and set up some wonderful cultural interactions/activities. Apparently, our Dartmouth class was the first student group to travel to Chile since foreign travel was permitted! A dozen of the students stayed on after the class ended to go trekking in Patagonia.

Below is a highlight video of the trip and another video that includes student reactions.