Dartmouth Undergraduate Economics Research Conference

Dartmouth Economic Research Scholars (DERS) hosted the Dartmouth Undergraduate Economics Conference (DUERC) on Saturday, May 14th, to encourage economic research among undergraduate students. The conference featured presentations by 10 undergraduate economics students on research they conducted through their culminating experiences. DUERC also included an alumni panel on careers in economic research.

Organizers: Soham Maiti '23, Arjun Srinivasan '22, Genghe Zhu '23, and Archita Harathi '22

Advisor: Professor Leila Agha


Shawdi Mehrvarzan
Shawdi Mehrvarzan describes her thesis, "Can Trade Policy be Gendered? Assessing the Effect of Shared Gender of Heads of State on Bilateral Trade Flows" to professors Lewis, Olivetti and Cascio. In the background: Archita Harathi and Arjun Srinivasan describe their thesis "Does Money Move? The Effect of Desegregation Order Dismissals on School Resource Disparities" to professor Allen.


Claire McMahon
Claire McMahon describes her thesis, "IUDs to Degrees: The Impact of Access to Contraception on High School Graduation Rates" to fellow thesis writers Yangyang Li, Pranit Gupta, and Brendan Balthis. Yangyang wrote "One and Done? Evidence of Gender and Racial. Tokenization on Corporate Boards," Pranit wrote "Impact of Trade Liberalization on Female Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from India," and Brendan wrote "The Impact of Imports on Local and Household Health Outcomes in the U.S." In the background: Alexander Ginnis explains his thesis "Individual, Peer and Exogenous Effects in Ski Racing Success and Persistence" to professor Samwick.


Nathan Pucci
Nathan Pucci explains his thesis "What's Driving the COVID-19 Slide? Quantifying the Impact of Pandemic-Induced School Disruptions on English Language Learners in Massachusetts Public Schools" to fellow thesis-writer Arthur Raines. Arthur wrote "The impact of fluctuations in the price of gold on education in Tanzania."

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