William Rodgers '86 Gives Talk on Economic Equity

To a packed Filene Auditorium on Tuesday, October 17th, William M. Rodgers III gave a talk on "Cases For Economic Equity," touching on his work at the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank as well as his experience as an undergrad at Dartmouth.

To a full house with a warm reception, Bill Rodgers '86 presented four cases for economic equity along with anecdotes and advice for students based on his undergraduate experience at Dartmouth and his work at the St. Louis Fed. Starting out his talk, he mentioned how dear Dartmouth is to his family, his father graduated from Thayer, his brother graduated in '96, and he has a cousin who is also and alum. 

He framed his talk on the importance of narratives that go beyond the data and the need for elevating the stories of the people that are behind the statistics. He also encouraged students to find a personal mission where they can use their economic training for creating change. He defined his own personal mission as "empowering people and communities with economic thought and analysis."

He went on to provide the four cases to argue for economic equity and spoke of the existing barriers to economic equity. A question and answer period followed the talk.

More information about Professor Rodgers, a video recording of the talk, and the presentation slides can be found here.