Nancy Peregrim Marion

Academic Appointments

George J. Records 1956 Professor of Economics, Emeritus

I retired in 2020 after 44 years at Dartmouth. As an international economist, I study the economic linkages among countries and how they shape economic outcomes and policy choices. My continuing scholarly interests focus on why certain countries suffer currency crises, banking crises and/or sovereign debt crises, why these crises are economically costly and whether they can be predicted or prevented.




  • B.A. Oberlin College
  • M.P.A. Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
  • Ph.D. Princeton University

Selected Publications

  • "China's Growth, Stability and Use of International Reserves," with J. Aizenman and Y. Jinjarak, Open Economies Review (25), 407-428, 2014.

  • "International Risk Sharing During the Globalization Era," with R. Flood and A. Matsumoto, Canadian Journal of Economics 45(2), 394-416, 2012.

  • "Using Inflation to Erode the U.S. Public Debt," with J. Aizenman, Journal of Macroeconomics 33(4), 524-541, 2011.

  • "Getting Shut Out of the International Capital Markets: It Doesn't Take Much" with R. Flood, Review of International Economics , Vol. 17, No. 5, 879-889, 2009.

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