Patricia M. Anderson

Professor of Economics

I am interested in applied microeconomics, where I use real-world data and empirical methods to explore causal relationships. I have specific interests in child health and nutrition and in social insurance programs, and have published on the incentives inherent in the U.S. unemployment insurance program and on determinants of childhood obesity. My current research focuses on food insecurity.

316 Rockefeller
HB 6106
B.A. College of William and Mary
M.A. Princeton University
Ph.D. Princeton University

Selected Publications

"Beyond Income: What Else Predicts Very Low Food Security among Children?" (with Kristin F. Butcher, Hilary W. Hoynes, and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach) 2014. 

"Parental employment, family routines and childhood obesity" (2012)

"Adequate (or Adipose?) Yearly Progress: Assessing the Effect of 'No Child Left Behind' on Children's Obesity (Comments Welcome)" (2012)  Also: NBER (2011)

Is Being in School Better? The Impact of School on Children’s BMI When Starting Age is Endogenous" (joint with K Butcher, E Cascio and D Schanzenbach). Journal of Health Economics , 30, (September 2011): 977 – 986.

"Solving the Reemployment Puzzle: From Research to Policy" (2011)

“Maternal Employment” in Handbook of Social Science of Obesity , J Cawley, ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.

“School Policies and Children’s Obesity” (joint with Kristin Butcher and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach). In Current Issues in Health Economics , D Slotje and R Tchernis, eds. UK: Emerald Press, 2010.

Works in Progress

“Understanding Food Insecurity During the Great Recession” (with K Butcher, H Hoynes and D Schanzenbach).

“New Evidence on Why Children’s Food Security Varies Across Households with Similar Incomes (with K Butcher, H Hoynes and D Schanzenbach).