Steven F. Venti

Dewalt H. 1921 and Marie H. Ankeny Professorship in Economic Policy

My current research focuses on the well-being of older households. Recent research topics include the effectiveness of 401(K)s and similar retirement saving plans, whether the elderly are financially prepared for retirement, how households manage their wealth after retirement, and the role of health in the financial security of older households. I currently teach Economics 36, The Theory of Finance.

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320 Rockefeller
HB 6106
A.B. Boston College
A.M. Harvard University
Ph.D. Harvard University

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Selected Publications

Longitudinal Determinants of End-of-Life Wealth”,  NBER Working Paper No. 23839.  September 2017.  (with J. Poterba and D. Wise)

"The Asset Cost of Poor Health", Journal of the Economics of Aging, 9:172-184, June 2017.  (with J. Poterba and D. Wise)

What Determines End-of-Life Assets: A Retrospective View”,  Insights in the Economics of Aging.  University of Chicago Press.  2017 (with J. Poterba and D. Wise)

"The Long Reach of Education: Health and DI Participation", NBER Working Paper 23307. April 2017.  (with J. Poterba and D. Wise)