Inclusion at Dartmouth

The Department of Economics at Dartmouth is committed to providing an academic space that is diverse and inclusive. Below you will find links to Department resources that promote these values.

Lectures on Inequality, Discrimination, and Opportunity

The Department of Economics is pleased to sponsor this lecture series to deepen Dartmouth students' understanding of the role of inequality, discrimination, and opportunity in society and to highlight how economics can increase our understanding of these phenomena and inform policy responses.

Jhacova Williams - "The Legacy of Southern Racism on Current Economic and Political Outcomes of Black Americans"

William M. Rodgers III - "Cases for Economic Equity"

  • Public lecture occured on October 17, 2023 (video recordinglecture slides)
    NOTE: This Presentation is for informational purposes only and represents the views of the individual speaker. Nothing in the Presentation is binding on any Federal Reserve Bank or the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Raj Chetty - "Creating Equality of Opportunity in America: New Insights from Big Data"

William E. Spriggs - "Why Economists Model Race and Discrimination Incorrectly"

Trevon D. Logan - "The Sins of Economic History"

Nina Banks - "Sadie Alexander: Race, Historical Memory and Black Liberation"

Rucker C. Johnson - "Children of the Dream: Why School Integration Works"

  • Public Webinar occurred on May 20, 2021

Faculty research on diversity, equity, and inclusion

"Families, Labor Markets and Policy," Professor Claudia Olivetti with Stefania Albanesi and Barbara Petrongolo, Chapter in Handbook of Economics of the Family, eds. Shelly Lundberg and Alessandra Voena, 2023.

"Does Universal Preschool Hit the Target? Program Access and Preschool Impacts," Professor Elizabeth Cascio, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Human Resources 58(1), 1-42, January 2023.  Revised version (August 2020).

"Social Exclusion and Social Preferences: Evidence from Colombia's Leper Colony," Professor Diego Ramos-Toro, American Economic Review 2023, 113 (5): 1294-1333.

"Women's Employment and Empowerment: Descriptive Evidence," Professor Madeline McKelway, AEA Papers and Proceedings, 112: 541-545. May 2022.

"The Impact of Trade on Inequality in Developing Countries," Professor Nina Pavcnik, Proceedings of Jackson Hole Economic Symposium, Fostering a Dynamic Global Economy, pp. 61-114 (2017) (also NBER Working paper 23878).

"A Few Bad Apples? Racial Bias in Policing," Professor Steve Mello with Felipe Goncalves, American Economic Review 111(5): 1406-41, May 2021. 

Statement on Racial Justice

The members of the Economics Department at Dartmouth are heartbroken and outraged over the Minneapolis Police's brutal killing of George Floyd. We recognize that this is just the latest in a long history of violence and aggression, by the police and by others, against the Black community. We stand in support of those who suffer from this violence on an ongoing basis, and we stand with those who are combatting the systemic racial injustices of our society.