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  • Research Interests: Economics of obesity, social insurance, labor markets

    Courses Taught: The Price Systems (Economics 01), Econometrics (Economics 20), Labor Economics (Economics 27)

    Office: 316 Rockefeller Hall

    Research Spotlight

    “Is Being in School Better? The Impact of School on Children’s BMI When Starting Age is Endogenous” (with Kristin Butcher, Elizabeth Cascio and Diane Schanzenbach) ...

  • Research Interests: Industrial organization, microeconomic theory, law and economics

    Courses Taught: Microeconomics (Economics 21), Competition and Strategy (Economics 25), Advanced Topics in Microeconomics (Economics 81)

    Office: 312A Silsby Hall

    Research Spotlight

    “Economics Perspectives on the Advance Market Commitment for Pneumococcal Vaccines” (with Wills Begor and Ernst Berndt) Health...

  • Research Interests: Agency problems in financial services, prediction markets

    Courses Taught: Topics in Money and Finance (Economics 46)

    Office: 304C Silsby Hall

    Research Spotlight

    “Forensic Economics” Journal of Economics Literature, Sept. 2012, vol. 50 no. 3, pp.731-769

    Background: In many aspects of life, people have incentives to conceal their behavior,...

  • In a story about retirement prospects for baby boomers, Bloomberg Businessweek cites a study co-authored by Dartmouth’s Alan L. Gustman that concludes the picture isn’t as gloomy for most in this demographic group as some might think.

    The study, led by Gustman, the Loren M. Berry Professor of Economics and research associate for the National Bureau of Economic Research, looked at how the recession had...

  • According to a new study co-authored by David Blanchflower, the Bruce V. Rauner Professor of Economics, an increase of home ownership is associated with higher rates of unemployment, reports The Wall Street Journal.

    “A doubling of the rate of home ownership in a US state is followed in the long run by more than a doubling of the later unemployment rate,” the authors write.

    A rise in home ownership, the study finds, leads to three problems:

    • Lower levels of...
  • Wills Begor

    Begor is graduating from Dartmouth with an economics major modified with mathematics and a minor in Spanish. After graduation, he will join Morgan Stanley’s Mergers and Acquisitions Group as an investment banking analyst.

    At Dartmouth, he was an early inductee of Phi Beta Kappa in 2011, a Rufus Choate Scholar (an honor for students in the top 5 percent of their class) for all four years at the College, and a ...