Application for Econ 70.06 Frauds, Panics, Crashes, and Bank Runs

The theme of the course is to understand the conditions and human behavior that lead to large scale financial fraud, panics, market crashes and bank runs. This is an immersive course that will feature intensive group projects, presentations of academic papers, and original research on a topic within the theme of the course.  The course contains ethical themes as well as economic ones. 

The key deliverable for the Fall term on campus component is an original empirical research paper usign Dartmouths extensive financial data resources.  The papers presented in class can serve as models for possible topics for your own research.  

The travel component of the course will commence the Monday after Thanksgiving and will run for 13 days.  This year's meetings with regulators, principal actors and investors will take place in New York and Washington D.C.

Use this Google form to apply for admission.