Dartmouth Economic Research Scholars (DERS)


The Dartmouth Economic Research Scholars Program program (DERS) was established by the Economics Department at Dartmouth in 2013 with the goal of providing additional mentoring and support in economics research to students with strong research potential and high academic standing. Additional advising and out-of-class enrichment activities - dinner discussions, workshops, and peer exchanges - accelerate and enhance the DERS' coursework and enable closer participation with faculty on research projects. Such participation begins with paid assistantships on faculty projects, but often evolves into research collaborations with faculty and independent student projects, including senior theses. The program also aims to prepare interested students for graduate studies in economics and related fields.


Applications for the next cohort will open in the Winter 2024 term. If you have any further questions, please contact DERS Director, Professor Chris Snyder.


Class of 2024 Research Scholars

William Bryant, Quentin Calhoun, Morgan Chamberlin, Adriana Chavira Ochoa, Federico Cigolot, Paul Cornell, Julia Cross, Luis Cusihuallpa Solorzano, Caroline Domescik, Claire Draeger, Kathryn Hahm, Jiaxin Hao, Emma Johnson, Keso Kakachia, Renesa Khanna, Daniel Kotrebai, Alexa Lomonaco, Yaro Lototshyy, Sharanya Majumder, Jack Mannion, Todd Mignacca, Hoang Nguyen, Tejas Parekh, Julia Redstone, Sameer Sadarangani, Victoria Shaw, Allan Wang, Najma Zahira, Yizhen Zhen

Class of 2023 Research Scholars

Eloise Allen-Bowton, Brendon Balthis, Amber Bhutta, Maria Castro, Brandon Chen, William Cook-Healy, Junzhe Fang, Catriona Farquharson, Viola Gatti Roaf, Sophia He, Kira Hobson, Kshitij Jain, Shuyi Jin, Dev Kapadia, Helen Liu, Lewis MacMillan, Kuzi Mahwire, Soham Maiti, Elaine Mei, Oliver Milledge, Ashwini, Narayanan, Aditya Ogale, Umut Ozturk, Xuru Peng, Megan Ren, Jackon Spurling, Genghe Zhu