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When you take courses in Dartmouth's Economics Department, you'll be introduced to a unique way of asking questions and examining problems. Economics is really about learning analytical thinking in the best tradition of the liberal arts.

Undergraduate Economics at Dartmouth

In addition to the standard major, the economics minor and the modified major are intended to fit the needs of students who have an interest in economics but are primarily interested in another discipline or, in the case of a modified major, wish to study some specific problem or topic that falls partly in the field of economics and partly in a related field.

Our curriculum focuses on current and important social problems. The world is constantly confronted with public policy issues that are essentially economic in character. Economic analysis provides a coherent and principled framework for examining these issues and understanding the tradeoffs involved in attempting to solve social problems.

The Economics Major has a CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) code by the National Center of Education at the Department of Education of 45.0603, which has the STEM designation. The STEM designation allows international students to apply for a 2 year STEM extension of F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) beyond the standard 12 months of OPT for non-STEM designated degrees.

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