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Note: The posting of opportunities on this page, which are referred to us by faculty or alumni, does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of Economics.

Jobs and Fellowships - Recent Postings

Policy Impacts - a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that promotes standardization in policy analysis, is currently recruiting up to three research fellows who will be based at MIT. The pre-doctoral fellows will work directly with Professor Nathaniel Hendren on research topics in applied micro-economics and empirical welfare analysis. Work will involve detailed and careful coding to welfare impacts of government policies, analysis and coding or large microdatasets, literature reviews, and advanced meta-analysis methods using Stata and GitHub. The priority application deadline is Sunday, February 19, 2023. We will continue to accept applications after the priority deadline through Wednesday, March 8, 2023.
(added 02.01.23)

Market Shaping Accelerator, University of Chicago - a research lab aiming to identify the most promising areas for market shaping instruments (such as Advance Market Commitments) to incentivize innovations that address pressing global challenges such as climate change and biosecurity, is recruiting for two positions.

  • Policy Lead - will work with Professor Rachel Glennerster and colleagues to support the development and adoption of high impact market shaping proposals that will incentivize innovations that address climate change, biosecurity, and other pressing global challenges.
  • Policy Analyst - will work with the Policy Lead, Director, Professor Rachel Glennerster and other colleagues to support the development and adoption of high impact market shaping proposals that will incentivize innovations that address climate change, biosecurity, and other pressing global challenges.

For any questions, please reach out to Leah Rosenzweig (
(added 01.27.23)

Opportunity Insights, a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization located at Harvard University, looking to hire several students for our predoctoral fellowship program for positions beginning in summer 2023. These full-time positions will be based in Cambridge, MA. Predoctoral fellows will work closely with John Friedman (Brown), Nathan Hendren (Harvard), and Raj Chetty, as well as collaborators at Harvard and other universities. Visit this link for a full description and for information on how to apply. Deadline February 2nd, 2023.
(added 01.16.23)

The Globalization Cluster at Dartmouth College is looking to hire up to two highly skilled and motivated full-time research assistants, to begin in the summer or fall of 2023 and to work for one year on topics in international economics. The position is ideal for individuals with a strong quantitative background, and an interest and enthusiasm in applying this background to the evaluation and design of better economic policy. The position may be extended for an additional year pending funding and performance. Visit this link for full description and information on how to apply.
(added 11.14.22)

The MIT Sloan Predoc program is seeking to fill multiple in-person, full-time Pre-Doctoral Technical Associate positions here at Sloan School of Management for a number of professors. Ideally, the candidates will have a strong quantitative background, have strong programming skills and experience (especially in Python, R, or SQL), are able to work independently to solve problems, and have an educational background relevant to the respective position.

    Sponsoring Researcher: Tong Liu, Lira Mota, Kerry Siani, Christopher Palmer
    Fields of research: Corporate finance, capital markets, macro-finance, entrepreneurial finance, household finance, and micro-econometrics.
    Sponsoring Researchers: Larry Schmidt, Taha Choukhmane
    Fields of research: Asset pricing, household and consumer finance, behavioral economics, macroeconomics, and micro-econometrics
    Sponsoring Researcher: Anna Stansbury
    Fields of Research: Labor economics
    Sponsoring researcher: Vicky Chuqiao Yang
    Fields of research: Computational social science, mathematical modeling
    Sponsoring researcher: Dr. Matthew Phillips, Andrew Sutherland, Chloe Xie
    Fields of research: Accounting; Information Economics
    Sponsoring Researchers: Mert Demirer, Benjamin Vatter
    Fields of research: All economics fields
    Sponsoring Researcher: Antoinette Schoar
    Fields of Research: FinTech, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Consumer Finance, and Financial Intermediation

(added 12.8.22)

The World Bank's Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice  is looking for a Research Analysist (RA) to work on "Firm-adoption of Technology Survey project" starting over summer 2023, until June 2024. The objective of the project is to improve the measurement and our understanding of technology adoption by firms. The findings of the project aim at supporting the design and implementation of operational programs to support the adoption of technologies in developing countries. Visit this link for full description and information on how to apply.
(added 10.31.22)

The King Center on Global Development at Stanford University is seeking applicants from low- and middle-income countries for its Predoctoral Research Fellows Program. The link to the application is here. The application deadline is Monday, January 9, 2023.
(added 10.18.22)

The Congressional Budget Office, a small nonpartisan agency that provides economic, policy, and budgetary analysis to the Congress, is seeking assistant analysts to work in various divisions. Specific duties vary by division, but most include research assistance, statistical analysis, database management, literature review, and quality assurance. Candidates will need a bachelor's degree by June 2023 and posess a strong academic background in economics, mathematics, statistics, finance, computer science, policy analysis, or a related field with economics coursework. Visit this link for full description and application in formation.
(added 10.18.22)

Professor Antoinette Schoar, MIT: Sloan School of Management, is looking for a highly skilled and motivated individual to work as a full-time research assistant for a period of at least one year, with the option to extend to two years. Ideally, the candidate will have a strong quantitative background, have strong programming skills and experience (especially in Python, R, or SQL), are able to work independently to solve problems, and have an educational background in Computer Science, Economics, or Statistics. Visit this link for full description and application information.
(added 10.14.22)

The Penn Wharton Budget Model (PWBM) a non-partisan, research-based initiative that provides economic analysis of public policy, is seeking to hire for immediate employment one Research Data Analyst with a deep interest in economic research, to assist with faculty-led research with several public policy topics. Job responsibilities include collecting data, performing statistical and econometric analyses, authoring research reports, and providing research-related technical programming support. Visit this link for full description and application information.
(added 10.4.22)

Heidi Williams is currently accepting applications for pre-doctoral fellows to begin in the summer or fall of 2023 and to be appointed for up to two years. These positions entail close collaboration and assistance with all stages of various empirical research and policy projects related to science and innovation policy. Much of this work will be done in close collaboration with the Institute for Progress (where she is the Director of Science Policy, collaborating with Caleb Watney) and with J-PAL's Science for Progress Initiative (which she co-chairs with Paul Niehaus).  Information on how to apply is available here.
(added 9.19.22)The King Center's Predoctoral Research Fellows Program is a full-time, two-year postbaccalaureate program designed to prepare individuals for careers in academic research focused on issues related to global development. The program provides a diverse set of fellows with the opportunity to gain research experience and preparation for applications to PhD programs and doctoral studies. This multidisciplinary program operates in partnership with the Stanford Graduate School of Business. The application deadline will be Monday, January 9, 2023.
(added 9.19.22)

MIT Professor Amy Finkelstein  is looking to hire highly skilled and motived full-time pre-doctoral research fellows to begin in the spring or summer of 2023 and to work for two years as part of her research team. The position will entail close collaboration and assistance with all stages of empirical research in health economics. This PDF file describes the qualifications needed and how to apply.
(added 9.19.22)

Charles River Associates is seeking an Economics Consultant - Analyst/Associate to start work in 2023. An online application is available here.
(added 9.6.22)

Jobs and Fellowships - Ongoing Recruitment

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Research Assistants 

National Bureau of Economic Research listing of research jobs suitable for bachelor's degree candidates, graduate students, or post-docs with faculty across the country.

Federal Reserve System research jobs (Spring and Fall Recruiting Cycles).

American Economic Association Summer and Scholarship Programs

Causal Design an economic consulting firm conducting rigorous program evaluations and analysis for international development organizations around the world seeks a full-time International Research & Operations Analyst. Working from our global offices in Denver, Colorado; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and Lilongwe, Malawi, we help development actors make data-driven decisions to increase the impact of their programs. Please apply at Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Analysis Group is offering full-time Analyst internships in a collegial, supportive, research-oriented environment, with a focus on delivering the highest-quality work to our clients. We work hard but strive to maintain balance with life outside the office, and require minimal travel. Many analysts go on to top graduate and professional programs. Contact Paul Jeon ( for more information.

The Federal Reserve seeks full-time Research Assistants. Fed Research assistants play an essential role and are presented with substantial opportunities for professional and intellectual development. Working side by side with economists, RAs participate in the application of economic theory and empirical research methods used to inform economic policy debate. Along the way, RAs develop strong quantitative analysis, critical thinking and writing skills – marketable skills useful for pursuing career opportunities and advanced studies in a variety of fields.


AEA Summer and Scholarship Programs

Letter from Director of the AEA Summer Training Program - Excerpt: "I am writing for your assistance in finding underrepresented minority students in your economics or math department who have expressed an interest in pursuing graduate studies in economics. Since 1974, the AEA Summer Program, through scholarships, has increased diversity in the field of economics by preparing talented undergraduates for doctoral programs in economics and related disciplines."

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Economic Research Summer Intern application is now open for the Summer of 2023. This program provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable research experience, network with peers in the field, and to work side-by-side with economists and research assistants to support research and policy work. Interns work full time for 12 consecutive weeks. Visit this link for more information and to apply.

Avascent, a leading DC-based strategy and management consulting company, is recruiting Juniors and Seniors at Dartmouth for their Summer 2023 Internship and Junior Analyst Class.