Honors and High Honors

To be eligible for honors, a student must take one additional major class (e.g., 10 versus 9 for the regular major), have a grade point average of at least 3.3 in these courses, and an overall grade point average of at least 3.0.

The most common way to receive honors is through outstanding performance in the culminating experience. Those students whose research papers for the course are deemed of exceptional merit by the instructor shall be granted honors in economics, although no more than two students per section may be granted honors in this way without a vote of the department. Students who achieve honors by this method must still complete ten major courses (beyond prerequisites) to receive honors. 

Students may subsequently enroll in Economics 87 and extend their research from the culminating experience in order to be eligible for high honors. Failure to enroll in or to complete Economics 87 will not forfeit the original honors designation unless the course is necessary to obtain a count of ten major courses. 

Additionally, the instructor may designate a paper from the culminating experience as worthy of extending in Economics 87, even if it does not receive the immediate honors designation. Students enrolled in Economics 87 in this manner may receive either honors or high honors.

Another method of obtaining honors is to complete the Economics 80-81-82 sequence with an average of B+, again with a total of at least ten courses in the major. The instructors of this sequence may recommend that students who have done outstanding work in these courses be granted, by a vote of the department, high honors. This is the only way by which high honors can be achieved without completing Economics 87. 

The final, least common, method of obtaining honors is to begin background work in Economics 85 and complete the thesis in Economics 87. Students must have already taken all offered classes in the desired field of study before beginning independent study in Economics 85. Prior to enrolling in Economics 85 or 87, the student must have the written approval of the Vice Chair and a faculty member in the Economics Department who is willing to act as an adviser. 


Graduating with Honors in Economics
     Rachel E. Citera
    Jonah H. Kelly
    Hung D. Nguyen
    Joshua A. Ufland
    Jiarui Wang

Graduating with High Honors in Economics
    Andrew W. Blackwell
    Helen M. Gu
    David P. Herrera
    Akhila J. Kovvuri
    Luqman I. Sumartono