Application open for Econ 70.04 Peru Immersion Experience

ECON 70.04 is a course that intends to provide an in-depth dive to economic development. The course is unique in the variety of pedagogic methodologies it combines as well as the variety of angles from which we study the issue of development. The course has two parts. In the on-campus portion of the course, we use case studies, academic papers, books, and guest presentations to develop a thorough understanding of economic development. Simultaneously, we will engage in two additional activities. First, we will learn about Peru and about the specificities of economic development in Peru. Second, each group of 4 students will develop a project that provides a unique window from which to better understand the issue of economic development. Projects are not just invaluable pedagogic tools; they are also a means to interact with the subjects of study as they will be conducted with the help of a local partner. Projects can be of two distinct natures. Research projects intend to analyze a critical issue using state of the art analytic tools. Impact projects intend to solve a significant problem for the local partners. Both research and impact projects are welcome in ECON 70.04 as they have contributed to the history of this course.

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Slides from Information Session

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