Douglas Irwin

Doug Irwin named in FP's 100 Global thinkers for 2019

Douglas Irwin, Economist and the John French Professor of Dartmouth Economics Department, has been named a 2019 Global Thinker by Foreigh Policy magazine. The magazine named him under the 10 thinkers in its ECONOMICS & BUSINESS section.

Here is what Foreign Policy magazine wrote about Doug Irwin :

"At a time when trade tussles seem to be breaking out all over the world, Douglas Irwin has emerged as one of the clearest interpreters of White House trade policy. According to the Dartmouth economist, U.S. President Donald Trump’s approach to what he calls “easy to win” trade wars resembles the ill-fated Smoot-Hawley tariffs of the 1930s—and the consequences could be equally disastrous."

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ECON Students Get Firsthand View of the Economies of Chile, Argentina

Dartmouth Economics students applied what they learned from Econ 70 class: “Immersion Experience in Applied Economics and Policy : Macroeconomic Policy in Latin America” by traveling to Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires, Argentina this winter.

During the visit, the students continued their research by meeting with policy makers, business leaders, and civil society representatives and learn from their experiences then share their conclusions.

The course and trip are led by Professor Doug Irwin and Professor Marjorie Rose.

Read more on the Dartmouth News.


How Trade Advances Global Prosperity


Nina Pavcnik, the Niehaus Family Professor in International Studies and chair of the economics department, and Douglas Irwin, the John French Professor in Economics, were invited to be interviewed by Bloomberg forum producers for the three-minute video “How Trade Advances Global Prosperity,” along with renowned development economist Jayati Ghosh and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Thomas Friedman.

Congratulations to Prof. Irwin for Jones Biennial Prize

Please join us in congratulating Professor Doug Irwin being awarded the Alice Hanson Jones Biennial Prize for his book "Clashing over Commerce: A History of US Trade Policy." The Prize is awarded every other year for an Outstanding Book on North American Economic History by the Economic History Association. More information about the prize and previous winners is provided here.


Protection For The Steel Industry Is As Old As America

TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 2018, NPR Morning Edition Correspondent John Ydstie speaks with Dartmouth Professor Douglas Irwin about tariffs on imported steel. 

“President Trump's tariffs on imported steel aren't the first time the industry has gotten protection from the U.S. government. Not by a long shot. In fact, tariff protection for the industry — which politicians often say is a vital national interest — goes back to the very beginning of the republic.”  Click here to listen the full show on NPR.